I’m Peripetia.
And this is my friend Overcomer.

Together, we are section hiking the Appalachian Trail.


Our idea started when we saw two thru hikers while doing our own day hike. When we are together, we tend to have crazy ideas, and we had the crazy idea of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. Our idea slowly began to be less crazy when we realized we were not prepared to quit our jobs or take that much time off of work. That’s when we decided to hike it in sections, though at the time we didn’t realize there was actually a name for people like us. I also wonder if that’s when the idea became more crazy, since we live so far apart and only see each other once a year, at best. How are we ever going to complete the entire trail?

Follow our adventures as we learn…

  • what it means to be an AT Section Hiker
  • how to keep our bodies trained and in shape
  • what backpacks work best and how to pack them
  • how to go from day hiking to overnight hiking to even longer hiking treks
  • how to cross off sections when life’s obstacles get in our way
  • how to discover who we are and all that we are capable of